M2 Work

Idea Mower was one of the first companies to make shelters for lawn mower robots since the early appearance of this product, which is now common in our gardens.

From the first, simple garages to highly technical and specialised shelters, Idea Mower has grown over time and today offers the most complete range of robot garages available on the market.

100% made in Italy, our garages are designed by our in-house research and development team, manufactured with the latest CNC machines, assembled by skilled craftsmen, thoroughly tested and shipped to thousands of satisfied customers all over Europe.

Hergestellt in Italien

Alle unsere Produkte werden vollständig in Italien entworfen und hergestellt. M2 Work stellt nur einzigartige Produkte her, die mit den modernsten Technologien hergestellt und mit der höchsten Handwerkskunst, die die Produktion unseres Landes kennzeichnet, vollendet werden.


M2 Work S.r.l.s.

Via Roma 15
61032 Fano

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